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    This story I’m about to share is true, it is CONFIDENTIAL and for YOUR EYES ONLY, I state my integrity and honesty on it!


I'm 41 years old, have two children, and live in a small town in the northeastern part of the United States. On weekends I love the challenge of going to the local Race Tracks to increase my income as I need it to cut into the high cost of living these days!


I want to tell you how winning at the races has changed my life and I am super sure it can do the same for you. Please! Give me a few minutes of your time to read this letter. The few minutes you take now, will likely bring back hours of happiness rest assured later!


Just five years ago, my friend Mike, introduced me to Horse Racing, "THE

SPORT OF KINGS”. I will never forget sitting in my seat, asking my friend Mike

what horse looks good to bet on.  Mike and I bet 7 races that day and lost them

all. Mike looked at me and said, "Well, Tony, it’s like this... you can’t win them all... there’s always tomorrow."


Well, my loss that day of $70 was a lot of money for me... as for tomorrow, that was totally out of the picture, as I could not afford to lose any more money. At that point I promised myself I would find away to learn, how never to lose again.


Yes! I Have Found The SECRET...



Now, I want you to do me a big favor and please ask yourself why the heck

have I been losing so long? And, do I truly know of anyone who wins consistently? Are all your friends like my friend Mike? He’s been a loser and will probably never be a big winner! And guess what? The reason is so simple, it stands out like a sore thumb.


They think they know it all; All have friends that own horses. When they lose, they always blame it on something else. They never face facts, like they're poor handicappers; and they always tell you of their wins but you rarely hear them tell of their losses.


     Don't do it! Don’t let the Race Track baffle you like it does to most of the race track goers. Don’t! you let the Racing Form be a road map leading you to nowhere (DISASTER) when visiting a race track, going to an O.T.B., or even wagering on the internet.

     Don't! when you do pick a winner, let it merely be an accident!!!! It will never be when using the WEALTH SECRET SYSTEM.


If the above statements applied to you, then let my WEALTH SECRET SYSTEM train your eyes to pick live potential winners from your Racing Form. And you, and no one but you, are going to cash in BIG and I mean BIG, Big MONEY on those winners.

     I have uncovered by complete accident, a Racing SECRET overheard from a

terrible horseplayer (worse than my friend Mike) who must have dropped thousands upon thousands at the Race Track. In fact, when he won, it was like a miracle.

      Now I know if this guy could pick a winner, it just had to be something stupid in the Racing Form. Do you remember my earlier statement, the Racing Form is a road map leading you to disaster? Well, I have uncovered how it can lead you to the CASH IN WINDOW.


This SECRET approach didn’t come easy. After years of checking the "stupid thingsand back reading, studying, charting and observing many, many races, I finally hit upon what my "friend" Mike could never accomplish, "beat the races consistently" with DOUBLE FIGURE payoffs as the rewards and never was it an accident.


Let me tell you how easy my WEALTH SECRET SYSTEM is to apply. There are just (3) little factors (or rules) to train your eyes to look for. You know that funny map the Daily Racing Form, if the (3) factors could talk they would jump up and bite you. That’s how easy these factors are to find. They are so simple, my losing "friend - Mike", would probably laugh at me. But don’t you laugh because the WINNERS that you can have from the time you receive my guide will change your life and the "game" called horse racing will never frustrate you again. That’s a promise from me, Jimmy!


In a very short while you’re going to find how simple it can be with the

smallest amount of investment possible to turn unbelievable profits from wagering the right way. You'll be absolutely astounded that the WEALTH SECRET SYSTEM picks winners that LIGHT UP THE TOTE BOARD at odds at virtually better than 20 to 1.


The feeling you will experience when this happens can bring a smile to your face and cash to your pockets. As YOU will know that YOU will potentially be able to do this many, many times each week at any Race Track.


P l e a s e, I beg of you, don’t let yourself become a handicapper with "BLINKERS-ON" and only look for the obvious factors. To get ahead, YOU must change your ways!


When my WEALTH SECRET SYSTEM grades a horse as a winner it has never failed to

explode and I know it will never fail you.


      I've been called "COCKY”, "FOWARD" and even "OUTSPOKEN". Some professionals who cover horse racing, feel they are good handicappers because their selections are published, they must think I am down right arrogant.


Let me tell you this, if you made just (4) $20 wagers a week on WEALTH SECRET

PICKS - at odds of 12 to 1, and that’s not hard to do. Just think, that’s over a $1,000 cash in your pocket. It Can Be Done! – And, You Can Do It Too!


      I “Jimmy” Allen don't care what the professionals think, I know I have become the "BEST", so do they. Let me make it perfectly clear, I am Not A Professional - I’ve challeged them many times to prove me wrong.


      The one thing that bothers them the most is, I openly tell people how easy winning can be at any track - as long as you know what to look for.


      The Pro's want youto believe horse racing is a tough and mystifying game, a game "NOT" for you - unless you use their help everyday. They do pick winners, but who can’t pick a winner every now and then!


      Anyone can pick HORSES that are 6 to 5 Shots or Morning Line favorites. Remember this, favorites only win 1 out of every 3 races, that’s a fact that even the pros can't dispute.


      My feelings with regards to small payoffs has been BULL S_ _ _ - You don't need them. I can show anyone young or old how easy this so called “horse racing game”really is to master and find DOUBLE FIGURE PAYOFFS. It can be as easy as Professionals can find the 6 to 5 shots.


      All a person like yourself needs is a little help to be shown what to look for and where it’s located in his local racing paper. Put the WEALTH SECRET SYSTEM in action, and see it deliver your selections to the winners circle.


      The WEALTH SECRET SYSTEM will without a doubt practically put you in the cashiers line cashing winning tickets, or going to your local O.T.B. office to pick up a days pay from Exacta’s,  Trifecta’s - Daily Doubles or just straight WIN Bets. Even online wagering. The choice is totally up to you.


      Be smart, don’t let your friends pick your brains. Let yourself become a

“Super Handicapper”. A word to the wise, keep your winners to yourself, don’t give your new found knowledge and knowhow away for free!


      If you like picking your share of WINNERS at Race Tracks, O.T.B.’s or on the web, it will not matter who you are or what you do for a living, it doesn't even matter if you are young or old. In fact, if you don't know anything about horse racing, my WEALTH SECRET SYSTEM could cause you a great turning point in your life. And this change can definitely be for the better.


      Remember this,you never need to know an owner or a trainer or get any

"hot tips" from friends. Long shot tip sheets will be a waste of time, as the

WEALTH SECRET SYSTEM will become your personal secret weapon to help pick winner after winner, week after week.


      Loser's! are at all tracks, in every part of the country. Be the smart handicapper and start stuffing "your pockets" full of real money - the money the "LOSERS" are giving away at your local track. All it takes to get started, is for you to order your copy of "My" WEALTH SECRET SYSTEM.


      I know you're smart, you'll give yourself that fighting chance. The Race Track is the place where fortunes can be made. As we both know the "SMART" person knows the "Races Can Be Beat". My WEALTH SECRET SYSTEM will give you "all" the knowledge and awareness on how to spot those - "Double Figure Payoff Horses".


      There's no easier or better way, then "My" WEALTH SECRET SYSTEM to "Legally Win" at the track. "My" guide comes fully loaded with many examples completely "handicapped" with prices of the many winners - even for long shots. The Rules to follow are simple, a STEP by STEP procedure, as if YOU and I were looking at these example horses together are clearly illustrated. There's practically "No Way" YOU can’t learn "MY SYSTEM".


This is a totally dynamic and new concept to "Picking Winning Horses" is unique and it will "FOR SURE" make you a better handicapper, with FAST, EASY and the HIGHEST RATE of ACCURACY imaginable!


      WINNING! It’s not just a dream, it can be a reality for YOU. "My" WEALTH SECRET SYSTEM I believe "can" and "will" make it come true! It will be like giving yourself an absolute "LOCK" selection when longshots are "READY" at your local track at ANY and ALL conditions. Horses switching distances and even "shippers"(horses shipping in) trying to score are a snap for "My" WEALTH SECRET SYSTEM. Their is no way now, YOU could ever be fooled by anyone trying to give you "false" inside information. You - yourself can “definitely” know in advance when 10,20, and even 30 to 1 + "BOMBERS" are ready to fly home and pay out BIG POTATOES !




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